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Note Lanes In Combinator Track

My head hurts.

I have a Combinator containing a microMix, NN-NXT, 2 Subtractors and a Vocoder. The NN-NXT is the modulator for the vocoder and the microMix is the carrier. I'm using a Combinator because I've got a lot of gear in this song and I'm trying to keep things neat.

I have one [device] track for this Combinator but I need to record/edit notes for the NN-NXT and the Subtractors (which feed into the microMix) to get my sound. I've looked at examples and it looks like what I need to do is create a Note Lane withing the Combinator track for each device, then edit my notes for each Note Lane.

So, I've created 2 Note lanes within the Combinator track: "Trigger Chords" to use with one of the Subtractors and "Poem Lyrics" for use with the NN-NXT (see attached image). But I can't figure out how to assign a Note Lane to one of the devices.

  1. Is this "right" way to do this? If so, how do I assign Note Lanes to a specific device withing the Combinator track?
  2. If this is NOT the right way to do this, what is?

Please be kind, I admit I'm a noob so no need to point it out, and I've searched the forums for an answer with no luck. I've been struggling with this for several days and would really appreciate help moving past this.

Thanks in advance - phyrephox
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