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Reason is a music application that does a very specific job and it does it VERY well. If you are looking for a Swiss army knife tool then something like Pro tools is a better fit. Also things like audio quantize is a fairly new thing for DAW's to do. On top of that Rack Extensions is actually a more powerful format than VST for example for no other reason than CV routing.

At the end of the you need to create music, and you need to use the best tool for YOU to do that.

Now as far as rack extensions I am hoping for I would LOVE Minimonsta (gforce) and the Amp simulators from softtube. I hope they port those over!
Just checked out Minimonsta—that looks fun! It also seems feasible they can get it to fit in the rack.

As a Reason user, I've always disliked Pro Tools. So, the hesitation to transition is due to bias for the wrong reasons. I suppose as I became more involved in music, I began to realize the features that Reason lacked to get a professional project done (such as writing music for movies or commercials). I suppose they don't think their market should be doing that (I'm not sure if that is the message they try to send, but it's the action they've taken...or not taken).