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Using e-kit w/EZ or Superior Drummer, ultimately tracking into Reason 6

I am a home producer trying to use my Yahama DTXplorer e-kit with EZ Drummer(or similar) to be able to ultimately track into Reason 6. In particular, I would like to be able to individually track the drums into Reason 6 so they can be individually mixed and eq'd in my projects.

I am not a drummer by trade, but can play well, and want to be able to lay human drum tracks (via Yamaha DTXplorer e-kit w/3 zone snare pad) to my projects in place of the Reason Octo-Rex loops that I have in most of them, currently. I realize that because I use Reason 6, I am going to need to use an additional host DAW to handle the drum tracks coming from EZ or Superior Drummer (or similar), then "Rewire" that additional DAW into Reason 6. Also, I use an Axiom 25 Midi Keyboard and a Line 6 TonePort UX2 as interfaces with my Mac Mini(dual i7 processors, 8GB ram), i also monitor through the TonePort UX2. I plan to have my DTXplorer connected via MIDI cable to the Axiom 25, which is connected to the MAC via USB 2.

So here are my questions:

1. Given my rig, can I get my Yamaha DTXplorer e-kit to individually track each drum piece's midi and/or audio to Reason 6?

2. In your opinion, what is the best additional DAW to use in this particualr chain to accomplish getting EZ or Superior Drummer(or similar) to track drum pieces, played on my Yamaha e-kit, individually into Reason 6 (only want to use this extra DAW to get the drums to Reason 6), and why?

3. Does my plan of attack make the most sense?

4. Would it be better to send my Yamaha DTXplorer to my computer through my Axiom 25 via Midi Cable, or just use a MIDI to USB connector cable and skip the Axiom 25? Ultimately, does it even matter?

5. How the heck do I actually do all this above?

Reason/Propellerhead is the only DAW I have ever really used. I have spend countless hours getting up to speed with it, and don't want to switch DAWs. I am willing to add another DAW into the equation to accomodate EZ or Superior Drummer(or similar) drums with my e-kit. I am going to buy some kind of Drum Application, and am willing to spend to get it right the first time so my home studio can have a fully functional, individually trackable, e-kit in it.

If someone here knows about what I am after, and is willing to somewhat hold my hand through this, you will likely save me tens of hours, and I will be sure to document my process, and share it with others that are likely looking to do the same thing. I am most appreciative to anyone taking the time to read this and repsond. I love most everything about Reason, and have been able to work effortlessly with it. Tackling the task of encorporating my Yamaha DTXplorer e-kit into my home studio, as an individually trackable drum set, is my last big hurdle in having a totally functioning home production studio. Computers and DAWs are not my strong suit, but I can play everything, and am able to cruise once my settings are good. I make up for gear/tech abilities with playing ability. Please help me!

Thanks again,