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Ghostnote feat. Mental Tree - Spiders vs Pagan Pegs [Progressive Trance]

I have a lot of fiends who like this modern progressive psy trance thing (artists like Krama, E-Clip, Neelix). It's really big in Switzerland at the moment. I went to a few parties with those guys and i allways ended up complaining about the tracks missing a proper bassdrum and dynamics . And they were like, "ok, make us a tracks that sounds like you would like this music to sound". One of those guys makes tracks too using FL studio and mostly massive with presets. So we sat together in front of Reason 6.01 beacausehe wanted to learn something about synthesis by the way. He was like "make a sound like this, make a sound like that" and i tried to catch it. Mostly with subtractor. There are also some samples of my turkish coffee grinder in action.

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