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Bitley's new O8 Refill - first impressions


Just bought the pre-release O8 Refill. I know it's still a work in progress, but here's some first impressions:

Subtractor Patches - didn't do anything for me (there's just 2 so far). That's the one reservation out of the way.

Now the good news!
The rest of the refill is awesome.
Clean, high quality samples - very well looped and very dynamic.

Patrick is definitely a top sound designer - the NN-XT and Combinator patches are alive - even the "one shot" short patches have subtle movement and modulations that make them immediately interesting.

This doesn't sound like a bunch of samples, it sounds like a new synthesizer in the rack!!

I'm a big fan of the Fairlight/Platinum collection and this does share some of the same heritage, but packaged up in a new way, along with fresh new sounds that would suit different musical style.

The patches are all very inspiring and useable, with a wide variety from (very) ambient pads, to searing leads and booming deep basses.

Not a huge number of patches yet, but I imagine it will grow over time. Very solid foundation and already worth the pre-release price.

My wishlist / some ideas for future versions would be:
- even more patches named after the synths where you've used the waveforms.
- I'd really like some Jupiter 8 sounds some day..
- More JX string pad sounds (nice to have as Platinum refill is awesome - but the movement you've created in these patches would add extra life)
- sounds organised by type (lead/bass etc) and synth/wave - Jiggery Pokery did this in their Retrospective Refill and I really like that approach.
- some sound effects

Well done Patrick! There's a lot of excitement (justifiably!) around Rack Extensions, meanwhile you've just created another synthesizer we can have in the meantime!!