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Originally Posted by Exowildebeest View Post
Well, that was some baby-killing awesomeness right there!

Joffrey is so delightfully evil.
Hehe. Joffrey is a right little shit. Ironic thatCerys says "Power is power," but with Joffrey as King and making it quite clear he'd have her killed, and her father making Tyrion the Hand, all she actually has left is the name. Will that be enough?

A lot of ground was covered in s2e1, there were a few occasions where I wish they'd held the scene a bit longer (did anyone else think Daenyrus was going to cut up the horse for food?), but understandably with such a large cast they kind of had to cover everyone in the opening episode so we could re-establish where they all were in relation to each other plus make the new introductions. It was very much a scene-setting episode, and it set an awful lot of scenes

Dinklage is so fucking awesome as Tyrion though. Possibly the best character actor on either US or UK TV right now with that role.

HBO have a nasty habit of axing their expensive epics after two or three seasons (Carnivale (2), Rome (2), Deadwood (3), when all needed at least one more run). It'll be interesting to see if they stick with GoT.
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