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Originally Posted by dreampolice View Post
True FM synth
True granular synth
Better Amp simulators
I would add to this -

1.Spectral Effect - for Granulising, Spectral Smearing, and more esoteric realtime audio streaming effects.

2.Buffer Effect - for shuffling. scrambling and doing buffer overrun effects

3.More reverbs - particularly a good lush ambient reverb and one that does smaller acoustic spaces really well.

4.Multistage Phaser

5.Lofi - Bit Reduction - really don't like the one in Scream (it just doesn't have the tone I'm after).

6.Proper wavetable synth that can import samples and resynthesise them

7.Physical Modelling Devices

8.6 band parameteric EQ

9.Modular RE devices for more comprehensive patching/routing and Modular Combi's

10.Advanced CV/Gate Sequencing Tools