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Cool Shameless Plug: a song I produced, "Bust of Beethoven" just released on iTunes

Please excuse the shameless plug, but a song I have been working on over the past year was just released on iTunes.

My brother Michael wrote this song 20+ years ago and it was a huge hit at the coffee houses that he played in college. Well, last year for his 50th birthday, I gave him the gift of producing the song! So, with the help of his son, a professional drummer based out of Newport News, VA, our other Brother on bass guitar, and me on acoustic and electric guitar, we made it happen.

Now, here's the cool part (and the reason for the shameless plug): All of the dozens of dollars that Michael makes out of the sales of this song will be donated to a program that his son (the aforementioned drummer on the track) works for called Soundscapes. Soundscapes is a youth development program using orchestral music as a vehicle for social change in downtown Newport News, VA.

So for anyone who's at least interested in hearing a sample of the tune, check it out here:

Now, the technical stuff:

Original tracking was done in Record, then ultimately finished in Reason 6. Drums appear courtesy of the RDK Vintage Mono Refill, and all guitar and bass tones are processed using the Line 6 Amps. In other words: it's all Reason!

Anyway, I thought there might be some interest here and it's for a good cause, so I thought I'd pass it along!