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Ideas Suggestion for Figure Props developers

I've been using Figure quiet a bit and i had an idea that i thought i would mention to the Props.

With Figure i think as an app what is happening is alot of the people that are downloading it arn't actually electronic musicians but people who are using it just to create a beat and have always wanted to have go. Someone at work who has never touched a keyboard in there lives saw me doing something with it on a lunch break and wanted to have a go.. Within a few minutes they had created a little beat and started to make a bass line, loved it and downloaded it..

So when you do the updates and hopefully include all the suggestions i think you should do the following.... Create two versions of the App. the pro version and something based on what you have already done but with a save facility as a minimum, i say this because if you add too many features you could start to put off the masses, people that will download the app but have never heard of Reason and digital music creation (The simplicity is whats attracting the beginners).. The Pros can have their version with some more technical features for a slightly higher price but keep a basic version for the buck or even free..

I also think it would be a good idea to form a Soundcloud group for it where you can post just Figure tracks and loops for comment straight from the phone or ipad, everything has to be Figure created like the Korg IMS20 soundcloud page.. Its really enjoyable and cool to do..

Sorry for the Novel by the way ;-P

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