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Talking More Modular Combi - Advanced Matrix

A better Combi with infinite or at least more drag-n-drop buttons, radio buttons, knobs, sliders, assignable XY pads, rotary encoders (think DJ) HID and MIDI scaling.

Matrix with free rate resolution, better note editing, presets for standard and advanced waveshape patterns and variations/scaling options of said waveshapes/patterns, a larger dynamic pattern edit window without the annoying octave switch, numeric tool tip for velocity and bar curve parameters, key trig input (this might already be possible not sure)

A drag point EQ with as many points as you want, preset standard curve types and a spectrum analyser which can be overlayed and switched on-off on the fly.

Come on Props or third parties get on with it!!! another killer synth would be nice, some kind of sample-in/editable Granular Synth with crazy transpose and timestrecting per grain, cross grain FM, combined with NI Massives performance modulation capability and some kind of spectral modulation/filtering, I just made this up sounds good though no?