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punch in

please,please, please add an auto audio punch-in feature in your next version of Reason.
As a guitar player, I find it very frustrating not being able to do on-the-fly punch-in and punch out.

This is a fundamental feature of most DAWS Sure, you have great features in clip edit mode, but as any lead guitarist would agree, we just want keep playing once we are in the 'zone' .

It would an immense all round improvement if we were able to set the locators in such a way as to automatically punch in (left locator) and punch out (right locator) . This method is a really quick way to build great solos bar by bar.

I know this subject has been posted before but from my perspective adding auto punch capability would be one of the best upgrades Propellerhead could add to the already great Reason .

Please think about this and ask some serious guitar players what they think.
John Magee