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How can I download Record 1.5 to Reason 5

Im looking for help on how i can install the full version of Record 1.5 as i have Reason 5.

I purchased Reason 5, It did not come with record.

I have registered Reason 5 and by installing the latest update i assumed record was going to be included.
It wasnt, so i downloaded record 1.5 and it asks me to register it. I only have reason 5 so i put the registration code and the licence number from my reason 5 to record 1.5 and when I try to proceed it says that the license number and registration have already been used.
The only way record works right now is by going in demo mode.
I understand that record 1.5 should be compatible with reason 5 but for now only the demo version works.
I do not own record, i own reason 5.
How can i download the full version of record 1.5 ?
I only have one license number and one registrtion code that came with reason 5.

How do i update my reason 5 so the full version of record 1.5 works???!!