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Drum Machine Improvements (Kong and Redrum)

Even though the Redrum seems to have been forgotten I think that the Flam should have settings based on some sort of scale related to time. It's only adjustable by ear and when using different tempos it's hard to get it perfect.

Also please add poly settings for Redrum channels. The Redrum is a great device and with a single voice setting it would be next to perfect.

Kong should also have 16 STEREO outputs. Not 16 ouputs. So if you have 16 stereo samples loaded you can assign each to their own mixer channel.

Honestly I don't get the hype with Kong. Oooo. It has "pads". PH are innovative. I don't know why they released something that is trendy especially in the worst way. It's trendy because newbies think that you need pads or a MPC for drums. And even if you do get a 16 pad controller the GUI doesn't really need to look like that. It may be easy to relate your hardware controller to the GUI but I'm happy using a keyboard and it just doesn't fit.

This is why I need a "Drum Mode" for the NN-XT. Where if you browse samples it doen't reset the root note to C3 if there is no current root note info embedded. Or even if there is, the Root note should stay the same as when you started browsing so your samples play at the correct pitch.

I think I'm going to start posting Youtube videos of my findings. Because sometimes it's hard to explain.