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Rack Extensions and 6.5

SO any news on when 6.5 is due for release or how much longer Beta testing will take? Will rack extensions allow 3rd party companies to design full synth or will there be a template of instrument shapes that developers can customise?

Will only companies be able to design extensions or, like sound designers, will the humble bedroom engineer be able to launch them / customise them too?

Is anyone else as excited as I am about the possibility of a new wealth of sound tools to push the Reason family further on down the road?

I think that once this comes out Reason are firmly making a statement about their intention to never work with VST and also that budding producers shouldn't need to be sucked into the expensive world of software add ons for DAW etc - I just hope that , having said that, the prices for them are kept to a decent level and we aren't then asked to pay over the odds for them, I'm guessing kind of like refill prices.

Does anyone have an idea of this from potential rate card PH marketing?