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Alchemy RE support thread

Hey there, I have been considering buying Reason for years now. The two things holding me back was lack of audio recording and that I would not be able to use my only software synth (I am a hardware synth guy) Alchemy.

So when I learned about Rack Extensions I was jumping up and down from joy. Sure I have been always aware of Rewire, but I was no big fan of braking my workflow or paying for 2 different daws.

Now that audio recording is finally possible for Reason I am so close to making that purchase because I love reason since version 2.5 that I first used it.

So I am opening this thread , after opening this thread -> in Alchemy forums and been told that is up to P to lift restriction that make it impossible currently for Alchemy developers to bring this amazing synth (easily the most powerful software synthesizer out there) to Reason.

Bare in mind I know Rack Extensions is a extremely new features not even yet released , and that there is still work to be done till its considered mature or enough to please most VST/AU developers out there . I am not an impatient guy , but I am too excited about this to not just create this thread as a place of many Alchemy fans to voice their interest.

I am sure this marriage between Reason and Alchemy will greatly benefit both sides. As always use this thread to voice your ideas, advice, concerns and opinions.

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