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Guys. It's getting ridiculous. Most music in there is covers, remixes, and generic dubstep, techno, house, and plain old electronic. I appreciate the time and energy put into it but it all sounds the same and is very forgettable. I realize not everyone is a great artist and I respect that but people want to hear something new and original. Seems like most folks just go with the trend instead of thinking outside the box.
Also, the feedback sucks. For the longest time I have given lots of feedback when I log on. I have also posted my own music a few times, but have backed off because I've noticed with all the music (not just mine), people are very cold and it's like talking to the wall or yourself. You're lucky to get a few responses and they usually have no real value. Compliments are cool but we're all musicians here! Advice! Criticism! Suggestions! ..all things that help a musician grow. I mean... posts have 50-200 views and MAYBE 4 comments??? Come on people. Give as much, if not more than you take!
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