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Unhappy 6.5 Saw that coming!

Nice to allow 6.5 to be free. What, was that something we were suppose to pay for?

Over priced Re's

Un eventful Re's. Basically, who asked for any of that!

Uh, did I mention over priced? The selection of Re's is horrible! There are items in there that do not deserve a price at all, let alone what you're asking.

Props.....better start looking at plan B & C and fast!

Um...a just by chance, are there any other improvements to 6.5? sequencing develpements?
SSL improvements? E.Q. with analyzer improvements?

Are you considering outsourcing that as well?

Very un impressed if this is the "in the box" Re extensions.

Rewire me outa here. Wanna know the frustrating part? I still love Reason 6 for what it is.

Oh well, next time.