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Guetta Reckons That Staying Underground "Killed Dance Music"

A revealing interview with David Guetta appeared in the Observer a time back...

The Frenchman opined that the dance scene's unwillingness to embrace its full commercial potential "killed dance music for so many years".

Guetta said: "That spirit of wanting to keep this only for ourselves, and anything that's successful is bad. That culture that goes in a cycle where everybody loves someone and they're all talking about him, and then in one second, because he's successful, 'Ah, fuck him, he's bullshit!' What? But you were saying the same guy was a genius last year, now he's the worst person?"

Something tells us he's a little peeved that people have been hating on him for churning out mindless club bangers.

He also reckons that the dance music underground is dead and that bedroom producers have the ability to blow up more quickly than ever before.

"It was a subculture, it was a lifestyle, it was all of these things. But these days, it's not really working like this any more. It took me 20 years to do what I did. Avicii, last year, no one knew who he was. Now he's the biggest thing on the planet. You understand? It's totally different."

Worth a read then, if only to get a rare glimpse of what one of dance music's biggest stars really thinks.

Quoted from Mixmag:

PS. Check this out!!
Guetta - Partyproof