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I really like Figure, an excellent sound toy and the speed accessibility of it is brilliant. I "get" that it's supposed to be sleek and minimal and that you don't want to add too much to it, as to do so would detract from its appeal.

But, there's one feature that it's crying out for;

A "Mail me the current loop" button. It could be tucked away on the help menu or somewhere like that, so you're not wasting any screen-estate or spoiling the beautiful interface. All it'd do is create a very small .rsn file containing the current loop's parameters and notes and email it to a pre-determined email address. The loop's filename could just be "FigureXXXXX.rsn" where XXXXX is a sequentially incrementing number, just like digital cameras do.

Implemented correctly, you wouldn't even need to patch/update Reason to support it!

Think how great it'd be to 'sketch' a loop at the bus stop and then arrive home and find it waiting in your mailbox to load into Reason, layer it with vocals, tweak the parameters of the synths, change some of the drum sounds, etc.


Oh and please port Figure to Windows Phone 7 too!