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I still see a lot of threads with posts of unresolved issues - too many to reply in each one - so putting this here.

Since the authorizer has changed, and it interfaces with the ignition key, I think it is a good idea (important) to unplug the ignition key during the upgrade process.

Also, since the site has changed, it's important to clear all cookies and temp files/cache - I also suggest selecting the 'log out' feature on the site, to get rid of the 'remember me on this computer' feature.


*Unplug Ignition key from computer
*Close Reason

*Copy/Backup sound banks and any personal files in the reason install folder

*Uninstall Reason and Authorizer
*If you beta tested: Uninstall Reason Beta and Authorizer Beta

*Open Browser of Choice (IE or Chrome - there appear to be issues with FireFox)
*Goto Props site and select "Log Out" feature (if the link reads "log in" you are already logged out and can skip this step)
*Use browser to clear cookies, temp files, cache
*Close browser


*Install Reason 6.5 (also installs authorizer)
*Copy sound banks and personal files back into reason install folder
*Start/Run Reason 6.5 - use Internet Verification (completes authorizer installation)
*in reason help menu >> access the prop shop
*BUY Pulsar - popup tells you browser is trying to access another program (authorizer) - click OK/YES - let it download and install
*BUY Saturation Knob -- do same as Pulsar
*Close Reason

*Insert Ignition Key
*Open Browser (same one you used above)
*Login to Props site - OK to select 'remember me' feature - goto 'Your Account'
*Under Products, next to R6.5, select "Manage License" - and write to key
*Goto Rack Extensions tab, select "Manage License" - and write to key

*You should be set at this point

Removing the ignition key through the upgrade process prevents old (versions of) processes from hanging around tied to the key.

Uninstalling authorizer and rebooting makes sure no old authorizer and code meter stuff is hanging around

Logging out of the site, clearing cookies and temp files ensures that there are no references to browser sessions accessing the previous version of the site.

I hope you are now up and running.

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