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Originally Posted by MattiasHG View Post
Hey everyone,

since we're in the middle of release, everyone's anxious to get started. So anxious, in fact, that it might be easy to overlook a little instruction there or a link here in the excitement - that's ok! We can help!

However, we might not be around 24/7 as we're human and need to sleep now and then (well some of us do). Therefore, we've put together this Rack Extension video you can watch even when we sleep that covers how to try, buy and manage your Rack Extensions. Check it out first and make sure you've done all steps there!

Please also take a moment to read through the FAQs:

These will get added to as questions become frequently asked.

Some additional trouble shooting:
• If you're having troubles on the propellerheads site, log out of, clear your cookies for, log back in
• Make sure you have Authoriser 2, not Authoriser 1 - it's installed with 6.5
• If you can't write a 6.5 license to your key, try removing your 6.0 license first
• If you have problems writing a 6.5 license and have Balance and Ignition Key, please make sure you write it to where you first wrote Reason 6.0. I.e. if you wrote 6.0 to your key and THEN Balance, you need to do the same with 6.5

If none of this help, please feel free to contact support using the "Support" link at the top of the site and scrolling down to "E-mail support".

I have Reason 6.5 on 2 computers but I use 1 for the internet only and the other solely for doing music. When I download it installs it into the software on my internet computer. How can I use Pulsar and other downloads on my music computer ?