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Yes I even watched the Propellerhead tutorial video and followed the step by step instructions, so I've downloaded 6.5, ran it once, and then attempted to write my lisence to my key, the computer recognises that the ignition key is plugged in, however, Propellerhead's "write lisence" page doesn't. Absolutely no problem with any of my USB. I think this may be the start of Propellerheads demise as a user friendly company. All I can say is thank god I didn't download this on Saturday night when I had a gig or I would have been completely screwed. Propellerhead really should have remote online support if this is the way things are going. Amazing as their software is, if it won't work and users are going to be ripped of for RE devices, I'd be more inclined to simply boycott them as a matter of principle. WHERES THE FUCKING HELP SECTION ??? Sort it out Propellerhead. Negative comments on your youtube videos will put a hell of a lot of customers off