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Originally Posted by Dremond View Post
Never Mind -- I found out: So for anyone else who needs this:

First, in order to use your project mix with reason; select Live Mode (Press and hold the Aux 5 Button while switching on the Project Mix.) Now In Reason or Reason Record go to: Option/ Surface Locking / in the first drop down menu pick your Surface (i.e: M-Audio Project Mix I/O) / in the "Lock to Device" section pick: "Master Section" this will lock your Project Mix I/O To Reason.
OK I have R6 and a PMIO, I did what you said and now have the PMIO talking to R6.

My sliders jump when I switch tracks but my knobs don't control pan.

Is there a tracking and mixing mode for the PMIO?

how do I have one fader per track so I can mix 8 simultaneous tracks as I run through the sequence? Lets work together to create an end all be all template map for R6....

The smart way would be to have a tracking map and a mixing map.

The Mixing map would have redrum parts separated out on the Mixer for drum mixing, then flip the page to mix the music P1, P2 etc...

I could share a sweet R6 template so we can all be on the same page. This template has Redrum separated out on the mixer with instrument tracks next and vocal tracks next. I always start with this so when I start a new song. The kick (for example) is always routed the same way and I can use existing EQ and effect settings ad just tweak for the new sound as opposed to reinventing the wheel.

We can do the same for PMIO.

Anyione else have R6 and PMIO to help out?

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