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When bouncing tracks, give option to auto-carry source channel send effect settings

I've run into an issue where I'm working on a song that's made up of tracks that combine stuff I've created with tracks other people have sent me. Some of these tracks from both parties share the same send effects, say a reverb for instance. Problem is that if I want to bounce synth tracks to audio tracks to conserve DSP usage (by deleting the source track after it's been bounced), I can't have the newly bounced track continue to send itself through the send effect the source track was previously using. I can either:

A: Bounce the SendFX channel as well, which would include the wet source tracks that I'm not bouncing and double-up their reverb, etc. effects

B: Manually enable the send effects on the bounced tracks, which can be tedious when you're bouncing some 10 or more tracks at a time.

Right now there is an option to mute the original track after it's been bounced, the effect of which causes the dry bounced track to play back without the send effects that the source track was using enabled on the bounce. I'd like to see one more check box added that would allow me to a simple way to bounce midi tracks to audio tracks and carry over their send effect settings (which sends are used per channel, the levels sent, etc.)
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