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Post Printed Reason manual

Call me old fashioned. Sometimes I like to study away from the computer. Sometimes I like to scribble in the margins to point up some feature or technique, or to note something that isn't actually in the documentation. Yes, you can print a PDF, and I once did so for a program whose manual was a little over 200 pages in length. The book for Reason 6.x.x would be well over 1,000 pages long.

I don't want to subject my printer to that kind of wear and tear, or pay for the ink. Then I would have to collate, punch, and load each page into a bulky three-ring binder. I'd rather spend the time making music. Having a bound hardcopy available from Props would be far more cost and time effective. I understand not wanting to ship a book with every copy of the software, but having a printed manual available (at an extra charge, of course) would be a big plus IMO.

Without creating an actual poll, I would like at least to see your collective thumb up/down.