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Question Why is there no " spectral analyser " In reason ???

When are you guys at propellerheads going to provide me with a " Spectral analyser ", so I can mix and master in peace and quiet and not have to suffer hour after hour of pain staking tweeking.

Please, Please Please make one that is free as I am already a bit dissapointed that all the rack extensions are over priced, and theres nothing that really stands out as something id really want to spend more money on. Youve always been so awesome on price and bang for buck but I'm starting to get the feeling I'm going to be spending money on additional stuff, even after upgrading.

Maybe a Korg synth would interest me if it wasnt 40 euros. And come on, the Tsar-1 reverb cost's 119 Euro, They clearly spent too much developing it.

Im greatful that reason is expanding, but all im really interested in right now is a "spectral analyser " and maybe a new synthisiser and an updated version of Skream 4.

Please give this some thought and get your lovely little developer heads together for a meeting, and lets get the ball rolling on this "Spectral analyser".

Many thanks