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Balance audio quality?

Hi, anyone with Balance care to comment on the audio quality?

I've got a FW410 which is dying so I'm going to buy a new interface quite soon. I've been looking at Balance as I use Reason exclusively but also considering the Saffire Pro 24 DSP as I like the idea of the VRM and RME Babyface which will mean I have to sell my Grandma but In understand the DAC's and ADC's are top notch.

I'm producing Dance music so the bottom end is important but I'm also recording guitar and vocals so bottom end isn't the whole story. I monitor on a pair of Event ALP5's and have DT770 Pro's (which are simply wonderful) for headphone work. I have a tiny crappy untreated corner of a room which I don't think actually sounds that bad considering, but I'm not sure if the extra audio quality of the Babyface will really make itself felt within the space.

Any comments including any other recommendations greatly appreciated.