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Bureau of broken sounds - ambient album WIP

Hi everyone!
I've been working on some ambient tracks this spring, and figured I'd put together an album (yet unnamed). I'm at the point now when I am done with the composition and most of the mixing. Hopefully, at least. I'm having some summer holiday now, and then moving on to mastering these tracks into an album, which is a whole new ball game for me.. wish me luck.

I wanted to post what I have so far for comments etc. So if you have the time and will to pick my work apart, I would appreciate any insight at this point, before I move on to finalizing. Please be honest rather than polite, my self-esteem can take it If you hear anything that you think needs improvement, let me know either here or there or privately or however. Thanks!

Here is the linky-link:

Oh, an thanks a million to Brent, who already beat you all to it