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problem upgrade reason 6.5 ignition key authorization manage license etc

There is no Propellerhead Ignition Key connected to your computer right now.
Do you have a Propellerhead Ignition Key? If you do, you can insert it now and reload this page. If it doesn't show up right away, try to reload again in a few seconds.
If the key is inserted but not yet detected, just wait a few seconds and then reload this page.

If you have this command after manage license:

1) Run "Autorizer" from your local disk c:/.../Program files/Propellerheads/Authorizer/Authorizer.exe
and it must be active

2) Go to "Your Account/Your Products"using INTERNET EXPLORER (mozilla firefox makes me issues)

3) Go to your actual old/previous (1,2,3,4,5) Reason Manage License (there is RED DONGLE ICON by right)

4) Click on Remove License (YES!! REMOVE = make free space on your dongle )

5) It takes about 1 minute ...WAITING...Ok.

6) Go to Reason 6 Manage License

7) Make Authorization... Waiting 1 minute... DONE!


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