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Monthly RE account - Rent REs - REnting =)

Not sure if this would even be for me, might just be a whack idea lol, but the idea crossed my mind, so thought I'd share =)

Since REs are non-transferrable and cannot be resold (which makes it tougher to feel like you truly "own" them anyways), maybe introduce something like a monthly account with Propellerhead? You would pay X amount/per month to use use X "class" of REs. This of course would give you access to any new REs introduced in that class as well.

Not 100% sure the structure (would this work like netflix? lol), but I think this would appease some folks here that feel they need to have everything (who have been quoting the grand totals in which to own all the REs) and it would get Propellerheads and developers some extra revenue...?

Yearly account? Stop paying—stop using those REs? Options to purchase REs?

Essentially, I suppose it would be like buying into a 'longer than 30-day' trial period...?


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