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Exclamation Please test this issue !!. open in 6.5 and try open it after in 6.02.

Hi the issue here I am trying to find out if it is a bug or just an isolated issue.
I when upgraded opened lots of my tracks from 6.02 into 6.5 to see the difference in the two version after opening and not saving any of the tracks none of them will now open in 6.02 !!!
Can we please have this tested as I am one of the 32 bit users and this is a problem now im back to using the 6.02 until a fix for the issues in 6.5 are fourth comming. Very annoying and very frustrating.
I get bad format when trying to open anything I have only opened and not saved in 6.5 when trying to re open in 6.02 to finnish or continue working on now . please post test results here and hopefully if this is yet another bug prop`s can have this included in any fix as opening a song should not change any of the formatting to it so it will not open no more in a previous version on just being played.
Thank you in advance for any time spent on testing this.
If you do have this issue please post what system you use ie 32 bit 64bit etc etc as never know might just be another platform related bug or even just an isolated problem.