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I've already Initiated the transfer process by taking all of my licences off of Balance which was acting as my Dongle.

The only real catch is, that the buyer will have to buy a Dongle in order to use the licence without internet. If you already are connected 24\7 then you can buy the licence now, and use Reason through internet verification while you wait for a dongle, which you will need to purchase from the Propshop.

I think this would be really good for people who bought Balance and Essentials, because the upgrade to Full reason is cheaper through me than buying it brand new. And you can transfer the licence onto the Balance unit and use it as your dongle.

Also for new reason users, buying it from the Propshop will cost you $450 brand new, so what Im offering is a very big discount.

Anyhow as soon as someone wants to buy, and pays me I will transfer the licence to the person immediately. I am posting my desire to do so on the PUF so that it helps the transfer process. If you are afraid I will rip you off, but are interested then PM me and we can work out a way to make this work so that you know you WILL NOT get ripped off.


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