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I want the SDK too, but not being part of a company (or wanting to set one up in short term for what may end up only being some hobby programming) I would like the SDK to be available to all.

Originally Posted by rogerlevy View Post
In theory sure. But Props has limited resources, it could become a big job and some RE's that are submitted could still be "middling". I like the way things are. If you really think you could make a good RE start a company and you should be able to get an SDK.
I agree with the need for filtering, but there are plenty of users who could provide some form of assurance prior to submission to the shop for final vetting taking a load off the props resources. Plus the ability to try before you buy means that a middling RE would simply not be bought (if only the app store had this option!)

Being part of a company doesn't necessarily bring quality - from the communications I have received regarding the SDK pedigree/ability appears to be unimportant. The current set up allows for anyone to set a company up and get in on the act which just adds a cost and not much else.

I would propose a 2 tier system - commercial and non-commercial. Commercial have priority releases, support, premium pricing, etc to ensure the smoothest path to market. Non-commercial would have to come with some form of user verification, could be limited in price range and have a lower priority.

In addition to the above, free collaborative efforts would be nice as well. Using a similar setup and ethos to a lot of the great open source applications and frameworks available these days high quality RE's could be produced and even driven by users to fill perceived gaps.

Some of the best ideas (particularly in software) tend to come from outside of established companies who have a product line to maintain first and foremost. To deny the masses would be a restriction.