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Channel Strip Controls on the mix channel device

Since Record, theres something that bugs me now and then.

I liked the new mixer and all so I moved from integrating the mclass devices to using comp and eq in the mixer strip.

But as I work pretty iterative, this sometimes is a disadvantage. When I exchange an instument for another I always have to check and reset the mixer channel too.

And if some EQ is messing up the sound in a bad way, it could be Devices integrated in the combinator patch or insert devices or settings on the mixer strip. Sometimes even more than one.

So what I am asking for is, please bring those chanel strip controls to the rack device onto some optional panel that could be hidden.

I would have to check the rack only then, as inserts and channels settings would be both visible right in the same window and device, as well as next to the instrument.

Also, having your controls on the panel would allow for some visualization of the EQ curves, the comp threshold and reduction ultimately combined with an analyzer in the background.

Especially the latter would be awesome and getting the most out of it.

Maybe i'll do a mockup when i am in the mood.