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Classic Reggae cover-tune from RasCricket

BOOMSHOT!! This is my cover version of Horace Andy's "Tell me Why" = a legendary singer and a great song, I was bored today and thought Id bang out a tune. All tracks, mix and master in about 6 hours. Made the video too.

Mostly an exercise in my methods and workflow, it was fun to re-do an old favorite.

I know there's not many Reggae fans here, but maybe you guys will appreciate it.

This was completed from start to finish in just under 6 hours.

(Bed tracks like drum, bass, rhodes, and piano done in Reason. Re-built and minimally remixed in Reaper with some VB3 organ VSTi added, as well as duping the MIDI data from my drums in Reason and triggering Addictive drums in Reaper - However, I think most of the drums you hear are from Reason - guitar and live bass were also added via Reaper. Vocals were tracked in Reaper as well)
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