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Question Any other Band-In-A-Box users here?

I have been using Band-In-A-Box (BIAB) since the mid 1990s, starting with DOS version 7, then version 11 Pro for Windows, 2006 Ultra Pack, currently on 2009 Ultra Plus Pack. I am eagerly awaiting version 2012.5 or 2013.

When I was introduced to Reason 3 in 2006 I thought it was a match made in heaven. Blow out General MIDI beds in BIAB, port them into Reason for revoicing and massaging--marvelous. At the time I had to port everything into a third DAW to record audio. Now I can do everything in two grand steps, from BIAB into Reason 6.

I have met only one other Reason user on the BIAB forums ( --> Forums), so I thought I'd approach it from the other direction. Show of hands?



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