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Alesis qx61 and control mapping or changing the computer keyboard shortcuts

A few questions:

#1) How do I assign the transport controls on the qx61 to work in Reason 6.5. When i go the the 'keyboard control edit mode, it doesn't detect the buttons when they're pressed. I did notice that Reason didn't have an option for that device when i was trying to assign control surfaces. is this something that they're looking into? I had to use another alexis device (the Photon x25 or something like that). any ideas?

#2) is there a way to change the keyboard shortcuts? this is driving me insane. I use sooo many daws at the moment. I usually just make them all work the same way. I have a mac book pro so half of the transport controls don't even work any more (mainly the reason why i'm trying to get the transport controls going on the controller keyboard).

Cheers and thanks