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Multiple ignition keys for one account

I purchased and registered the Reason 6 upgrade in the fall of 2011. I then installed it onto one of my computers and just recently gave that computer and ignition key to my brother. He does not have the internet, hence why I gave him my original ignition key. In the Reason 6 upgrade box came a new ignition key which I did not use; I registered the upgrade to my original ignition key that my brother has now. I do NOT like to go on the internet with my main recording computer, for it has all of my clients Reason and Pro-Tools projects/sessions stored on it. I would like to know how I can use the ignition key that came with the upgrade package as a secondary key with all my account information; as well as keep the original ignition key, my brother has, valid. If there are any other customers that have had this issue, please respond to this forum, as I would like to resolve this issue ASAP. I do not feel spending $73.00 USD on a replacement key is necessary, when I have an empty key in my possession that could be used.