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reason essentials is the best thing that ever happened to my music.

i love it. i wont lie 6.5 is way more powerful but reason essentials gets the creative juices flowing like reason never did for me. in reason you have a ridiculously amount of devices trying to master those is just not realistic without a LOT of time invested and i mean years and years. ive owned bought and sold reason over 4 times in the past under many different user names at v 2.5 selling last at 6.0. and spent thousands on refills too.

so dont let the 'essential's title fool you into thinking im a reason noob. i know exactly what im talking about. i kept selling it because its just to deep for the average user.

essentials is the best thing that happened to my music i make all my own sounds now from scratch and amazingly i understand what im doing. i have one synth, the subtractor and one and just one creative effect scream. when you use one synth and one creative effect it makes you well, creative. you really start to know it well. before i used all third party patches and my sounds sounded so.

even though people who heard my music couldnt tell i had to always deal with the fact that i was using presets. it eats away at you knowing that your a preset user. now i feel that much more confident in my music and it has given my music a 'personality' where before it was somebody elses. essentials is just so simple to use, its fun, its not like work. reason is like work. the subtractor is just awesome it is very capable and not a one trick pony as others think it is.

what i see the propellerheads doing with essentials is('no offense to the props) 'dumbing down' reason into a package that you can have fun in rather then working in. ive yet to be stumped in how to do something in essentials in reason i was always like wtf??? how do i do this? sometimes you just want to make music and have fun vs really really getting your hands dirty. that what essentials does for me, it makes reason fun. i really look forward to essentials 2.0! by then ill have mastered 1.0