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Unhappy Running Reason without authorization


my problem is that I have a laptop that has only 2 USB ports. A USB port is used for my audio interface. The other USB port is used for my AXIOM midi controller (although I would love to have a mouse attached to the laptop too) . Now the problem comes when I go to record on a plane or when I'm travelling or at a friends house who does not have an internet connection and I can't authorize Reason 6.5 using the online authorization.

I guess my question is, is there another way to authorize my copy of Reason 6.5 without going online or attaching a USB device to my laptop (since I only have 2 USB ports?


PS I know the answer to my question may inadvertently show others how to pirate Reason 6.5 but it also gets in the way of people who actually paid for the software, like myself.