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Reason Instrument Patches recognition

Hi there Propellerheads team,

I just wanted to make a suggestion that could make a big difference to user workflow.
Reason instrument patches can become extremely hard to find as a users library grows, and if you don't stay ahead and arrange your patches in favourite folders you could find yourself searching through tons of sounds for hours, leaving very little time for creativity. This can become a drag when your creating & composing music.

1) Why not have an auto detection feature so when an instrument is opened only the necessary patches are seen in the Reason finder (you just see the refills with the instrument patches),

for example:

When your loading into Dr. Octo Rex - you just see the Refills that contain Rex files
When your loading into Thor - you just see the Refills that contain Thor patches
and so on...

I may be missing something in Reason but I don't seem to see this feature in 6.5