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Originally Posted by altron View Post
Tried to start Reason, got some REs in trial mode but still pondering whether to buy them and this happens:

Log-in failed due to network error
The authorization server failed to respond. This indicates a problem with your Internet connection. Please verify that your Internet connection works correctly and then try again.

btw my Internet connection works just fine!
This is what's wrong with all this online activation bullsh*t!
I would have agreed with you were it not for the dongle. You don't need an internet connection just to work with Reason since you can put all your licenses, including those for the RE's, onto the ignition key and be done with it.

Considering that the RE trial period is basically a courtesy, something you won't see other companies doing anytime soon, I'd say the requirement to logon in order to use that stuff is a very minor nuisance.

Just hit escape and be done with it, that's what I'm currently doing (saving up to get Polar and then I'm happy ;-))
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