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First song with RME Babyface

Hi there, here is a song I started on reason 3.0 and 4.0 and have only just finished now with 6.5 and the help of my new RME Babyface with the adition of the guitar track. For those who are after a review of the babyface all i can say is that i love it! I can't compare it to any similar interfaces because i havn't tried any on my system but i can say I don't regret getting the best one i could afford and it's leagues above my previous setup which was: laptop--Edirol UA1A interface--Analogue mixer--valve preamp--instrument. now it's: laptop--babyface--instrument and with the line 6 amps in Reason 6.5 it feels like i'm on the verge of actually finishing some songs now