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Question REASON 6 and Novation SL MkII: ADVANCED MODE

Is anybody here playing with REASON and Novation SL MK2 without using AUTOMAP software?
Because i'm having issues at setting it up in ADVANCED MODE: it seems that all controllers on the keyboard (faders, sliders, buttons, pads) are invisible to the software, they don't send midi data. Just the keys do it.
This didn't happen with automap, of course.
It should be as easy as clicking right button, then learn (edit remote override), moving the slider and here u go! But it's not. I just don't get it. It should be the OLD traditional way to use a midi controller, the easier one....
I'm trying not to use the AUTOMAP software, because it doesn't give you a lot flexibility at using more than one device at once: for example if i have a complex patch the only way to set it up is by using the combinator, which gives me just 8 buttons and 4 knobs for tweaking my sounds.
Ok that i can assing many functions to the same knob, but that's not the same.
Thanks you.