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Originally Posted by ljekio View Post
Hmm, but remote system in the Reason dont able controling more then one device simultaneously.
Thank you for replying.
I dind't know about this, so it would be more or less the same with or without AUTOMAP: but, for example, if i create a COMBINATOR to control 1 thor, 1 malstrom, 1 NN-XT and a mixer, with automap i cas assign just those controllers that the software recognize (4 knobs, 4 buttons), no way to use sliders or pads because Automap's combinator template doesn't allow you to use them, right?
Because the SK MKII usually says "no controls assigned for this RoW" or something similar, that means all pads and sliders ar useless in the combinator, and i cannot play a backin track or a sample playback using a pad while i'm in the combinator track.
Is it the same in ADVANCED MODE?
That's the point i'm trying to work out.