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Looking for talented arranger / mix engineer

Hi I'm a producer / song writer and lyricist currently working on an ep. At the moment I'm in talks with the owner of levels entertainment and Glynn aitkins ( emeli sande's manager ) from EMI, they've heard my stuff and seem quite interested in what I'm doing and are awaiting the completion of my EP.

I have the tracks I want for the EP narrowed down, but I'm looking for someone, preferably based in London who can give it that last push to really bring my ideas out.

My style has been described in a few different ways from, daft punk to cinematic to hip hop to indie to kanye ish to Neptune-ish. So as you can probably imagine I like to experiment a lot which in short means I'm more of a creative than an engineer.

What I'm looking for in particular is some who not only knows how to "mix" a song but do so in a creative way maybe suggesting effects ect and actually help me finish songs rather than just touching up why I've done already. I'd be happy to split the writing points and pay for services

here's a link to one of the songs lined up for the ep

But the styles of songs on the ep do range.