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Originally Posted by noahcopeland View Post
Okay thanks. So to use reason drum kits, you'd just load em up in any old sampler like the NN-XT and assign accordingly? right? (noob here)
Not quite. RDK features a lot of kits that are hypersampled and mapped across the keyboard. They all follow standard GM mapping from at the lower end (Kick, snares, hat, toms and cymbals) and then use custom mapping for repeats of samples and variations high up the keyboard/scale. So you may find that the basics line up (if the yamaha also uses standard GM mapping)

The drum combinators use different NNXTs for each group of samples.

You can move the samples to another note but as Selig mentioned this would be a Very time consuming task to remap them all. Although once you have remapped and saved each kit you want to use you are good to go.

So the answer is yes you can. Do consider the hi hat pedal as mentioned in an early response.

I would suggest that if you are getting Reason anyway you should try out your drum kit on the acoustic NNXT kits that come with Reason and see how it works before investing in RDK (I seem to remember there was a demo version of RDK that I tried before I bought it..not sure if that is still available)
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