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(Wild Ones Remix) Good, bad or just plain ugly?

Now to be clear I'm really not a fan of Flo Rida! But I do love the vocal hook of this track - "Wild Ones" - as sung by Sia Furler. So I decided to remix it as some sort of "exorcism" in the hope that I might stop humming it… and here's the result:

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(100% produced in Reason with no artificial colours or flavours / mixed on headphones)

I'm fairly sure I over-cooked this one and ended up with way too much going on - the bassline alone is built up from approximately 20 separate synths towards the end (no joke) and it contains enough automation to give NASA a headache (I always have trouble knowing when to stop tweaking and layering). But heh, it was a fun experience and I learnt a bunch of new stuff along the way.

Love it or loathe it? Let me know what you think. My wife described it as me "ruining a good song - again", which probably sums it up quite nicely ;-)

Criticism is very welcome, so don't pull any punches - I'm always keen to improve.

Cheers y'all.

PS: I used a bunch of REs on track, including Softube Saturation Knob (on some of the baselines); AD Rough Rider Compressor (on drums); plus FET Compressor, Trident A-Range EQ and iZotope Ozone Maximizer (on the master bus). Loving these new REs.
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