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Originally Posted by danfarmer View Post
Good points.

" But by that logic not eating at McDonalds every day might be construed as snobbery too"

The subtle difference would be the intention of what is going on in the mind when you make a choice NOT to eat at McDonalds. Is it for a sincere belief that its bad for your health, or are you looking down your nose at others ( yourself and your old choices ).

I suppose the same could be said about forms of music we might denigrate and refer to as 'cheese' - but I can't get past that statement seems loaded with snobbery.
Okay, so the analogy might go awry when talking about the health aspect of eating junkfood every day.

On the point about snobbery though: okay, hmmm, perhaps what I'm trying to get at is that this "snobbery" thing isn't always bad. It may be condescending, but maybe that is just what is needed to move things forward.
In general, people like what they know. If dj's would always cater to this tendency, no new records would ever be played, and dj sets would all consist of the same 100 records (dancing queen, boogie wonderland, girls just wanna have fun, you name them). Whenever any dj elects not to play one of those all-time floorfillers in their set, and instead plays something new or different, would that already be snobbery? Maybe this needs it's own topic...

No offence to the topic opener by the way, do whatever inspires you at the moment Illcarl. :-)
Though it might be an interesting experiment to finish the track first and decide what genre (if any) it belongs to when you're done! ;-)