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Reason can you produce professional sounding vocals friends tell me only Protools

I want to stay with Reason. I spent my money on Reason.

but, Pro tools have many tutorials free to learn how to make the vocals sound professional,

I looked everywhere I can not find any tutorials that are step by step to make vocals sound professional in Reason it's like a big secret or something or does it even exist. Can Reason produce professional sounding vocals. You make Reason we buy it you put it out there and tell us to figure it out. Usually when you purchase equipment you are instructed on how to get the greatest performance from it. When I purchased Microsoft office I got real videos that showed me step by step how to use it. And now to me it is simple. I purchased some Reason videos and no real information very very basic just a waist of money. If there are good videos on making your vocals sound professional please let me know...........I'll buy it - if not I got to move on to Pro Tools no disrespect just tired ....